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Validate NPI
Panel to allow users to check whether an NPI is valid as an Oregon XIX provider, from the Web Portal, before authentication. Enter an NPI and a date, and the panel displays whether we have an NPI with a valid contract record on that date.
Step/Action Tables:
Validate NPI Layout
Extra Features:
We utilize the "ErrorDisplay" to also display the desired, limited messages to the user.
Field Descriptions:
FieldDescriptionField TypeData TypeLength
DateThe date of the Inquiry FieldDate (MM/DD/CCYY)10
National Provider Identifier (NPI)The provider's National Provider IdentifierFieldCharacter10
Field Edits:
FieldField TypeError CodeError MessageTo Correct
Date Field3Future Dates are not allowed. Enter any valid date that is not after the current system date.
Field4Invalid Date. Format is mm/dd/yyyyEnter a valid Gregorian date in the format mm/dd/yyyy.
National Provider Identifier (NPI) Field1NPI is Required.Put anything in the NPI field. Do not leave it blank.
Field2A Valid NPI is 10 digits long. Enter a 10-digit NPI.