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Provider Directory Search-Provider Directory
Allows recipients to perform searches for providers and community resources by different search criteria such as county, city, state, and zip code.

Navigation Path: [Directory Search] or [Clients - Links - Search for a Medicaid Provider]

Step/Action Tables:
To Explore on the Provider Directory Search Panel
1Click Directory Search on the menu bar.Provider Directory Search panel displays.
3Point to Clients on the menu bar.Drop-down submenu displays.
4Click Links.Client Links panel displays.
5Click Search for a Medicaid Provider.Provider Directory Search panel displays.
Provider Directory Search Layout
Field Descriptions:
FieldDescriptionField TypeData TypeLength
clearClears the search criteria fieldsButtonN/A0
searchInitiates the searchButtonN/A0
Business or Last NameThe business or last name of the provider.FieldAlphanumeric50
CityEnter city that you wish to search on.FieldAlphanumeric30
CountySelect county from list.FieldDrop Down List Box0
Provider SpecialtySpecialty of the provider. Displayed specialties are based on the Provider Type selected.FieldDrop Down List Box0
Provider TypeThe type of the provider. Displayed types are based on the Provider Directory Indicator.FieldDrop Down List Box0
RecordsThe number of records to display on each page of the search results.FieldDrop Down List Box3
StateSelect the state from list.FieldDrop Down List Box2
ZipEnter zip code that you wish to search onFieldNumber5
Field Edits:
FieldField TypeError CodeError MessageTo Correct
All fields Field0Invalid number / Invalid date / Invalid character data / Invalid alphanumeric dataEnsure that the field matches the datatype as documented in the field descriptions above. Number fields must only contain digits 0 - 9; date fields must only contain valid dates; character fields must only contain A - Z; alphanumeric fields must only contain A - Z and 0 - 9.
Field1Field exceeds max lengthEnsure that the number of characters entered does not exceed the length of the field as documented in the field descriptions above.
City Field0RequiredEnter a City.
County Field0RequiredEnter a County.
Zip Field0RequiredEnter a Zip Code