Online Panel Help
This is the log on screen where a user will enter their security profile to gain access to the secure web site. This screen will display regardless of what part of the secure site is being accessed or what level of user is attempting to access.

Navigation Path: [Account - Secure Site]

Step/Action Tables:
To View the Login Panel
1Point to Account on the menu bar.Drop-down list displays.
2Click Secure Site.Login panel displays.
Login Layout
Extra Features:

* The account information and Security Agreement are entered on the Account Setup page after Setup Account button is clicked.

* Initial or reset passwords issued by system administrators (or providers for their clerks) shall be valid only for the first log-on. Users shall create unique passwords at the first log-on or session. The user will be prompted to change the password upon their initial or reset password.

* Three (3) consecutive, unsuccessful logon attempts to access the system shall suspend or disable the user's ability to successfully log-on.

* The ID and password for the web portal is different than the one used for the EDI electronic mailboxes.

* Password changes will be enforced every 90 days from the last password change.  PINs ( i.e. system generated password used for initial log on ) do not expire.

* Limited access clerks and providers will have limited access to the Web Portal so only certain menus will be visible.

Field Descriptions:
FieldDescriptionField TypeData TypeLength
loginThis button will login to the secure site.ButtonN/A0
reset passwordRedirects to the reset password page.ButtonN/A0
setup accountThis button will redirect to the Account Setup page.ButtonN/A0
PasswordPassword of the account user.FieldAlphanumeric20
User NameThe unique name given to this web user. They will use this to log into the system.FieldAlphanumeric20
Field Edits:
FieldField TypeError CodeError MessageTo Correct
login Button0We are sorry but we could not authenticate you to the system.Enter valid login credentials.
Button1We are sorry but you are not authorized to access this web site. If you believe this is incorrect please contact the help desk.Unauthorized User. Contact help desk.
Button2We are sorry but your account has been disabled. Please contact the system administrator to have it re-activated.Disabled Account. Contact help desk.
Button3We are sorry but your account has been locked out due to three (3) unsuccessful login attempts. Please contact the system administrator to have it unlocked.Account Locked. Contact help desk.
All fields Field0Invalid number / Invalid date / Invalid character data / Invalid alphanumeric dataEnsure that the field matches the datatype as documented in the field descriptions above. Number fields must only contain digits 0 - 9; date fields must only contain valid dates; character fields must only contain A - Z; alphanumeric fields must only contain A - Z and 0 - 9.
Field1Field exceeds max lengthEnsure that the number of characters entered does not exceed the length of the field as documented in the field descriptions above.
Password Field0RequiredThe field must be completed.
Field1Case sensitivePassword must match case.
Field2We are sorry but your password has expired. Please change your password.Change your password using Change Password page.
User Name Field0RequiredThis field must be completed.